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No rain on this parade


  Proctor loves a Junior Daffodil Parade – especially one where the sun shines as it did today. The streets were lined to cheer the kids, dogs (and one cat), bikes, unicycles, pogo sticks, school marching bands, schools and preschools…

Washington watch

Demolition of Washington Elementary School Gym.

Historic Washington Elementary School will go the way of Stadium High School this year. It’s getting a makeover that will remodel and restore the original 1906 school building,┬áreplace the 1949 gymnasium with new construction and add a new cafeteria,

A new rose in Proctor


On the same day Tinkertopia held its grand opening downtown, Compass Rose, opened in the old Giardini’s location in the Proctor District. People in the neighborhood had been waiting for quite a few weeks to see what was behind the…