Neighborhood kids visit
Proctor Station 13

A Proctor firefighter gives safety tips to children.

Connor Wade, 4, listens to Firefighter Kyle Schneidmiller’s safety tips using Sparky’s Hazards House.

Proctor’s Fire Station 13, along with five other Tacoma neighborhood fire stations, held an open house this afternoon to celebrate Fire Prevention Week. The week’s theme this year is “Prevent Kitchen Fires.”

The firehouse was busy with children climbing on the truck and listening to firefighters explain equipment and give out safety tips. Sparky’s Hazard House, a dollhouse-like structure that demonstrates fire dangers and safety, was a big draw.

Giveaways included red plastic fire hats, pencils, stickers, snacks and fire safety information for children and adults.

For more pictures of the open houses at Tacoma stations: TFD news



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