Happy Halloween – A photo album from Proctor Treats

Proctor Treats - TacomaHoards of trick or treaters made the slow trudge around the sidewalks of the Proctor Business District on Halloween to collect goodies from the merchants. So what if it was crowded, all the better to check out the other costumes.

If you needed inspiration for next Halloween, this would have been an excellent place to get an idea – or a thousand. There were sheep, monkeys, elephants – about any variety of animal you could think of, even animals dressed as other animals. The future was represented in numerous fantastic robot costumes. First responders were numerous and proud, especially firefighters. One mom constructed a whole fire engine for her little fireman. Popular culture icons abounded. A mom and two daughters showed up in homemade Minion costumes from Despicable Me – with Ball jar lid rims as goggles.

Proctor Treats reportedly happened as far back as 1926. It’s grown bigger and bigger as the years have passed. Brent Wojtanowicz, of Edward Jones, said he buys 2,500 to 3,000 treats each year and gives most of them out.


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