Month: September 2013

September’s last hit – round one

A dad and daughter attempt to clear a storm drain on a North Tacoma arterial street.

The first day of a predicted weekend-long onslaught of wet, windy weather left downed trees, flooded streets and manhole covers popped off in downtown Tacoma by surging water. A flood watch remains in effect through Monday morning for portions of…

A full Tacoma Moon Festival

A performer puts on elaborate makeup for the Chinese Opera Club performance.

Organizers and city leaders billed the second Tacoma Moon Festival as a celebration of diversity – and diverse it was. Held at Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park on the Ruston Way waterfront, Chinese culture was front and center. But if you…

Doing the dog paddle

Little dog swims at Pooch Pool Party

A cool cloudy morning didn’t deter a pack of dogs and their people from the annual Pooch Pool Party at Stewart Heights Pool today. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and shades played fetch in the water and on the grass.…